New semester

New semester started this Monday. As a Ph.D. student, honestly, the first week was not that crazy, but since I have my own business, my schedule was still quite packed. Everyday was a lot more effective than before and I am feeling happy for that. The only thing I am expecting is to switch my … Continue reading New semester

Useful stuff

I will continually update this article for something that I think will be useful. In this article, I will use the color for Ayanami Rei (綾波レイ) and Unit 00 (0号機)  Shell Programing Shell variable (cited from here) $# Stores the number of command-line arguments that were passed to the shell program. $? Stores the exit value … Continue reading Useful stuff


I think it's just a nature of me: I always get excited by just learning something new, figuring out a problem, fixing a bug in the program, drawing a cool graph, writing up a research report, etc. Yet, I just can't help to share this excitement with others. Since I posted too much on my … Continue reading Excitements